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Subject2.4.9: GCC 3.0 problem in "acct.c"
i just updated my gcc from 2.96 to 3.0.1 and now i cant compile kernel 2.4.9
anymore, make bzImage fails with the following error message:

acct.c: In function `check_free_space':
acct.c:147: Unrecognizable insn:
(insn 335 102 336 (parallel[
(set (reg/v:SI 2 ecx [44])
(const_int 0 [0x0]))
(clobber (reg:CC 17 flags))
] ) -1 (insn_list:REG_DEP_ANTI 100 (insn_list:REG_DEP_ANTI 102
(expr_list:REG_UNUSED (reg:CC 17 flags)
acct.c:147: Internal compiler error in insn_default_length, at

can anyone tell me how to fix this?


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