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SubjectQ: 2.4.[37]-XFS: /dev/nst0m: cannot allocate memory
Hi all,

I cannot read anything from my tape (Tandberg DLT8000, LVD
interface, ID=5) connected to an aic7899 or an sym53c895 using
kernel 2.4.3-XFS or 2.4.7-XFS. (Everything works fine on
2.2.16.) Loading of st.o works. stinit works. mt (status, tape
positioning) works. But when I try to read the amanda header
from the tape (dd if=/dev/nst0m bs=32k count=1) I get the

dd: reading `/dev/nst0m': Cannot allocate memory

The syslog says:

Jul 29 17:49:28 depp kernel: sym53c895-0-<5,*>: FAST-10 WIDE SCSI 20.0MB/s (100.0 ns, offset 15)
Jul 29 17:49:28 depp kernel: st0: Block limits 2 - 16777214 bytes.

strace gives something like:

open("/dev/nst0m", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 0
read(0, 0x8052000, 32768) = -1 ENOMEM (Cannot

Nearly the same for tar (with default block size of 512 byte).

BUT: if I use bs=64k it works!!?


albrecht jacobs

jangled nerves gmbh
hallstrasse 25
d-70376 stuttgart

fon: +49 711 550375-44
fax: +49 711 550375-22

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