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SubjectRe: more kernel .01
tristan in litteris <20010817204358.38BAB501D7@localhost.localdomain> 
> The reason i was hoping to run an old version of the kernel,
> .01 or .02(as someone proposed), is so i can use it as a basis
> for learning to add on to, compile, and change an os's kernel.

Does it have to be Linux? If not, there are several systems which are
supposed to be simpler than Linux and pedagogically interesting. For
example, VSTa (see on <URL: >). It's GPL'ed.

Also, if you are interested in history, you might have a look at <URL: >: the Santa Cruz Organization
is offering free source licenses for versions 5, 6 and 7 of Unix
(circa 1970). The entire v7 kernel source code, for example is below
20klines (mostly C, and a bit of PDP-11 assembler), including device
drivers. You can even find PDP-11 emulators to run the thing and play
with it. (But you can't redistribute it.)

(If you want something old *and* free-as-in-free-speech, there's ITS.
I don't think anyone was able to make it run on modern machines,
though. Making a PDP-10 emulator is much harder than for a PDP-11.)

Happy hacking,

David A. Madore
(, )
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