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SubjectRe: linux-2.4.9: atomic_dec_and_lock sometimes used while not defined
>>>>> " " == Adam J Richter <> writes:

> If I try to build a kernel that can do SMP and run on a 386,
> the linux-2.4.9 NFS client gets compiled with an undefined
> reference to atomic_dec_and_lock().

Why aren't you seeing the same error in linux/fs/inode.c? That also
references atomic_dec_and_lock when compiling 386 SMP...

> However, I'm really not clear enough on the semantics of
> atomic_dec_and_lock vs. atomic_dec_and_test to know whether
> this is safe.

> Also, it looks like arch/sparc64/sparc64_ksyms.c references
> atomic_dec_and_test without it every being defined on any
> architecture other than x86, so I am suspicious of a partially
> applied patch here.

See linux/arch/sparc64/lib/dec_and_lock.S. atomic_dec_and_lock should
indeed be defined on a sparc64.

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