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SubjectRe: more kernel .01
On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 04:43:57PM -0400, tristan wrote:
> The reason i was hoping to run an old version of the kernel,
> .01 or .02(as someone proposed), is so i can use it as a basis
> for learning to add on to, compile, and change an os's kernel.
> I know i can do this with all kernels, but the .01 kernel is very small
> and the very beginning of the kernel so i can build on it. i am
> open to installing say red hat 5.2 and then running .01 on a
> VM, but i only have it on a cd, and the 386 has no cdrom drive.
> Does anyone know of a place i can get an old version of red hat
> ive been searching for awhile, or a way to copy the cd to
> multiple floppies that are able to be install.
> Id really rather have away of just installing it over the DOS partition
> but it seems everyone thinks it would be best to install minix of red
> hat first, and im fine with that.
> So if anyone has information on old red hat version i would
> be very greatful

Long long ago, before Red Hat or any other distributions, people installed
Linux using a pair of floppies called the boot disk and the root disk. This
was how I first installed Linux, using the 0.11 or 0.12 kernel. It was
pretty easy to install a minimal self hosting Linux system using these disks.
If you can find someone with a set of these disk images for 0.11 and the
associated gcc disks, you can probably get a very early linux system up
fairly quickly. I dont know who might have a set laying around, but I
hope this mail generates some comments from people who do.


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