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Subjectmore kernel .01
The reason i was hoping to run an old version of the kernel,
.01 or .02(as someone proposed), is so i can use it as a basis
for learning to add on to, compile, and change an os's kernel.
I know i can do this with all kernels, but the .01 kernel is very small
and the very beginning of the kernel so i can build on it. i am
open to installing say red hat 5.2 and then running .01 on a
VM, but i only have it on a cd, and the 386 has no cdrom drive.
Does anyone know of a place i can get an old version of red hat
ive been searching for awhile, or a way to copy the cd to
multiple floppies that are able to be install.
Id really rather have away of just installing it over the DOS partition
but it seems everyone thinks it would be best to install minix of red
hat first, and im fine with that.
So if anyone has information on old red hat version i would
be very greatful

Tristan Sloughter
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