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SubjectRe: question: ip_rcv(), dst_entry (2.2)
Eli Carter wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been studying the 2.2 networking code and, well, I'm beginning to
> feel overwhelmed...
> I think I (mostly) understand the network driver part of it, but I'm
> getting lost in the dst_entry area, I think from both directions...
> I didn't find a whole lot on google or linux/Documentation .
> Does anyone have pointers to information to guide me through the 2.2
> networking code? (Or even volunteers to give me an idea of what I'm
> looking at and how it works?) I'm particularly interested in
> information on the API boundaries in the 2.2.x network code.

In case others are interested in the answer to this query, I later found

Very helpful; now to wrap my brain around it...


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