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SubjectRe: MTRR/DRM questions
Steve Snyder <> writes:

> Hello.
> 1. Is there any benefit to enabling MTRR support for systems (RedHat v7.1 /
> kernel v2.4.9) that will never run a graphical user interface? Usually I
> read of MTRR-related matters in the context of GUI acceleration. Would my
> text-only system benefit from MTRR support?

Having the kernel know how to manipulate MTRR's is useful for things
like high performance I/O cards. Video is just one. However you definentily
need MTRR's setting it is o.k. to do write back caching on your memory.

> 2. The kernel doc says the DRM support is avalable for the Intel 440LX
> chipset, but no mention is made of the 440EX. Given that the 440EX is
> kinda-sorta similar to the 440LX, can I assume that the EX chipset is also
> supported?

I haven't looked. The fact that they are close probably means it is simple
to convert the code if the code doesn't support your chip.

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