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Subjectgcc 3.0 Warnings

The work I do for my company requires modifying the kernel.
I now use gcc 3.0 with warnings as errors (-Werror). Every time I get a
new kernel, I need to fix include/asm/checksum.h for i386 and arm, I don't
know about the other architectures since I have only used 3.0 on these

The problem is that I now get the warning:

"warning: multi-line string literals are deprecated"

which is due to the inline assembly that uses strings that don't end on a
single line and causes my compile to end there. Now I know that this is just
my problem, since I changed the KERNEL_CFLAGS to be -Werror, but wouldn't
it be cleaner to have no warnings with the new compiler?

I don't know if this has been brought up before, but I'm willing to clean
up the latest version of the kernel so that these warnings go away. But
I've never submitted a kernel patch before, and I'm only willing to do
this to the clean kernel if it will be accepted. The only changes I would
make would be to clean up the warnings that gcc 3.0 gives.

Is this worth the effort? What do you think.

-- Steven Rostedt

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