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SubjectRe: Via chipset
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Someone should be able to forward failure cases to some AMD contacts. A
> > day or so with a bus analyzer should pin things down, AMD certainly has
> > the hardware to check this.
> It doesnt happen with AMD chipsets. Although if anyone from AMD is
> interested I'd be happy to know
> Alan

I have a MSI-6195 slot-A , AMD chipset with a visiontek nvidia vanta 32mb agp
card, RH 7.1 installed. I have experienced complete system lockups with random
uptimes < 1 day to 4 days, no mouse, keyboard, VCs, can't even telnet in or
ping. I finally made the connection it was happening when I was away from the
box and not using it interactively, which lead me to xscreensaver and sure
enough after I disabled it, no more lockups, up 30 days now. But I haven't
figured what in xscreensaver is doing this, don't know if it might be kernel
related or not, probably not. I suspect xscreensaver is triggering something in
the xserver that is not normally getting hit in normal use.


Bob Martin
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