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SubjectRe: 2.2.19: d-link dfe530-tx, Transmit timed out
On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Dennis Bjorklund wrote:

> kernel: via-rhine.c:v1.08b-LK1.0.0 12/14/2000 Written by Donald Becker
> kernel:
> kernel: eth1: VIA VT6102 Rhine-II at 0xe400, 00:50:ba:6e:76:63, IRQ 9.
> kernel: eth1: MII PHY found at address 8, status 0x782d advertising 01e1 Link 40a1.
> [...]
> kernel: eth1: Transmit timed out, status 0000, PHY status 782d, resetting..
> (a lot of these)
> I know this thread was up a year ago but there doesn't seem to have been a
> solution. I also remember that there where patches that was supposed to
> reset the card when this happens, but obviously they never got into the
> kernel.

I don't remember actual patches from a year ago. Current 2.4.x has code
that resets the via-rhine.

Since you run on 2.2 the drivers from are an option (not
sure what the 2.4 status is on those). They are similar to the in-kernel
version but not identical. If you do test, any difference in behaviour is

> I should probably throw out this stupid card and get something else. Any
> suggestion of a card working well in linux? The computer is a P90 so a

The 3c905C (3c59x) has been working just fine for me. But then so has the
via-rhine cards I have.


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