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    SubjectRe: Via chipset
    Dan Hollis wrote:
    > On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Bob Martin wrote:
    > > I have a MSI-6195 slot-A , AMD chipset with a visiontek nvidia vanta 32mb agp
    > > [...]
    > > related or not, probably not. I suspect xscreensaver is triggering something in
    > > the xserver that is not normally getting hit in normal use.
    > Its probably the vanta.
    > xscreensaver is most likely starting one of the GL screensavers.
    > xfree86 opengl does not like the vanta on any of my systems -- intel or
    > amd. it locks up after ~10-15 sec of running a gl app.

    I think i'd have to disagree. I have a PII-450 with a cheapo Vanta card
    in it, and i run GL apps ranging from Quake 3 to various GL programs of
    my own... no hangs. And i leave my system for days on end with a GL
    screensaver running. Still no hangs. I've used NVidia drivers all the
    way from 0.9-6 to 1.0-1251 and i never got that kind of instability.
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