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SubjectProblems with PCMCIA IDE interface in laptop
I have been unable to get my laptop to work with a PCMCIA
IDE adapter. Actually I've tried two, an EZ-GIG and another one
that I had from a couple years back.

The overall effect is:

Aug 15 17:33:27 parrotnoid cardmgr[506]: initializing socket 0
Aug 15 17:33:27 parrotnoid cardmgr[506]: socket 0: ATA/IDE Fixed Disk
Aug 15 17:33:27 parrotnoid cardmgr[506]: executing: 'modprobe ide-cs'
Aug 15 17:33:28 parrotnoid cardmgr[506]: get devinfo on socket 0 failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

What does the "resource temporarily unavailable" message mean? Is this
a race condition?

Sometimes there is an additional line from cs about the memory
mapping, but that's all. I never see any hd(x) messages from the kernel.

I have more comments in my posting to the sourceforge PCMCIA forum:

Basically I can see the card okay but the ide driver seems unable to
cope with it.

Machine is a FIVA MPC-206e. Kernel is 2.4.8. Using kernel PCMCIA and
up-to-date Card Services.


Joseph N. Hall
Author, Effective Perl Programming
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