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Hello,ld -m elf_i386  -r -o emu10k1.o audio.o cardmi.o cardmo.o cardwi.o 
cardwo.o ecard.o efxmgr.o emuadxmg.o hwaccess.o irqmgr.o joystick.o
main.o midi.o mixer.o passthrough.o recmgr.o timer.o voicemgr.o
main.o(.modinfo+0x40): multiple definition of `__module_author'
joystick.o(.modinfo+0x80): first defined here
ld: Warning: size of symbol `__module_author' changed from 67 to 81 in
main.o(.modinfo+0xa0): multiple definition of `__module_description'
joystick.o(.modinfo+0xe0): first defined here
ld: Warning: size of symbol `__module_description' changed from 83 to 96
in main.o
main.o: In function `init_module':
main.o(.text+0x18d0): multiple definition of `init_module'
joystick.o(.text+0x240): first defined here
main.o: In function `cleanup_module':
main.o(.text+0x1910): multiple definition of `cleanup_module'
joystick.o(.text+0x280): first defined here
make[3]: *** [emu10k1.o] Error 1

I have the following tools installed:

Linux mousehomenet 2.4.3 #1 Sun Apr 1 23:25:51 CEST 2001 i686 unknown

Gnu C 2.95.3
Gnu make 3.79
binutils 2.11
util-linux 2.11b
mount 2.11b
modutils 2.4.5
e2fsprogs 1.20-WIP
PPP 2.4.0
Linux C Library 2.2.2
Dynamic linker (ldd) 2.2.2
Procps 2.0.6
Net-tools 1.55
Kbd 0.99
Sh-utils 1.16
Modules Loaded ipv6 nfs lockd sunrpc i2c-matroxfb lirc_i2c
lirc_dev tvaudio bttv tuner msp3400 i2c-algo-bit videodev ddcmon w83781d
eeprom adm1021 sensors i2c-isa i2c-viapro i2c-core lvm-mod ipchains mga
agpgart autofs4 epic100 emu10k1 soundcore ppp_deflate ppp_async
ppp_generic lp parport_pc parport nls_iso8859-1 nls_cp437 msdos fat

I hope you fix it.

With best regards.

make modules gives:

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