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    SubjectRe: 2.4.8 Resource leaks + limits wrote:

    > > This is why you mainly find per-process stuff in all the limits.
    > >
    > > Linux has had (for a while now) a "struct user" that is actually quickly
    > > accessible through a direct pointer off every process that is associated
    > > with that user, and we could (and _will_) start adding these kinds of
    > > limits. However, part of the problem is that because the limits haven't
    > > historically existed, there is also no accepted and nice way of setting
    > > the limits.
    > So when you do impose this, where will it be setable, will there be a flat file in /etc
    > like solaris, or compile time for the kernel?


    Why wouldn't it be like most parameters in Linux,
    e.g. dynamically adjustable via a sysctl or /proc?

    IMHO, of course...



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