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SubjectRe: [PATCH] make psaux reconnect adjustable

> Well, probably not, as it contains a typo which lets machines without kbd
> hang. Fixed version attached. Sorry!


I really have two comments, but I haven't followed the whole discussion,
so feel free to just say that it's been hashed out already:

- sysconf entries are suspicious for stuff like this. If some code really
requires this to work correctly, that's exactly the kind of code that
would run automatically at bootup. A sysconf doesn't really help people
in that case - we'd be much better off with just a bootup switch.

- do we actually need the config switch AT ALL, whether at bootup or not?
What exactly breaks if we just always pass the AA 00 values through?
Apparently nothing ever breaks, which makes me suspect that people are
just being unnecessarily defensive.

In short, I'd prefer a patch that just unconditionally removes the code,
unless somebody KNOWS that it could break something. That failing, a
simple kernel command line option sounds better than more files in /proc.

Remember: the biggest mistake to do is to overdesign. The road to hell is
paved with good intentions.


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