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SubjectRe: Swapping for diskless nodes

> > > Ultimately its an insoluble problem, neither SunOS, Solaris or
> > > NetBSD are infallible, they just never fail for any normal
> > > situation, and thats good enough for me as a solution
> >
> > Memory reservations, with reservations on a per-socket
> > basis, can fix the problem.
> Only a probabalistic subset of the problem. But yes enough to make it "work"
> except where mathematicians and crazy people are concerned. Do not NFS swap
> on a BGP4 router with no fixed route to the server..

That's cleaar misconfiguration. Similar misconfiguration to

a# mount b:/xyzzy /bar
b# mount a:/xyzzy /foo

. Similar misconfiguration to a nbd-swap-on b, b nbd-swap-on c, and c rely
on a for its routing.
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