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SubjectRe: via82cxxx_audio driver bug?
On Monday 13 August 2001 10:46 am, Paul Jakma wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Nicholas Knight wrote:
> > and if they've seen XMMS or other audio applications with access to
> > /dev/mixer have strange, temporarily lockups when not in
> > root/realtime priority. I've yet to be able to test this with other
> > audio applications besides XMMS.
> yes.. i see this too with the via82cxxx_audio driver on my Tyan
> AMD751+Via southbridge board.
> /anything/ that accesses /dev/mixer or /dev/dsp while sound is being

/dev/mixer is the sole problem on my end, as long as I block XMMS's
access to /dev/mixer (wether via permissions or pointing it to a device
that doesn't exist), it plays out /dev/dsp alone just fine, except for
the lack of XMMS-side volume control.

> played is locked. Eg, play an mp3 with xmms. while playing, xmms and
> things like the gnome and WM mixer applets are all unresponsive. they
> respond to UI interaction maybe only every 30 seconds or longer.

The UI in other apps is a little iffy on my end, sometimes they lock,
sometimes not.

> xmms with real-time priority does not suffer from this
> unresponsiveness.

same here

> from the haze of my memory i think this behaviour started with the
> mmap support that Jeff brought in 1.1.13 or 1.1.14. but i can't be
> sure.

what version was in kernel 2.4.3? I first started reporting this when I
installed Mandrake 8.0 and noticed it a couple months ago.

> I've tried playing with the size of the buffers
> (VIA_MAX_BUFFER_DMA_PAGES) and the _TIME and FRAG_ defines. best
> result was that perioid of the unresponsiveness was reduced slightly,
> but not eliminated (by reducing the buffering times and number of
> fragments).
> > Thanks.
> regards,
> --paulj
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