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SubjectRe: WANTED: Re: VM lockup with 2.4.8 / 2.4.8pre8
Rik van Riel <> writes:

> ---------------------
> This means the OOM killer should be tuned, or more precisely,
> the code deciding when the OOM killer kicks in should be tuned.
> The code involved is very easy, so I'll explain it a bit and
> ask for volunteers to tweak the code and fix the OOM behaviour.
> The functions/places you may want to tweak are:
> mm/vmscan.c::kswapd()
> else if (out_of_memory()) {
> oom_kill()
> mm/oom_kill.c::out_of_memory()


Should said volunteer(s) work with stock 2.4.8?

Jon Allen Boone
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