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SubjectRe: via82cxxx_audio driver bug?
> > and if they've seen XMMS or other audio applications with access to
> > /dev/mixer have strange, temporarily lockups when not in root/realtime
> > priority. I've yet to be able to test this with other audio applications
> > besides XMMS.
> yes.. i see this too with the via82cxxx_audio driver on my Tyan
> AMD751+Via southbridge board.
> /anything/ that accesses /dev/mixer or /dev/dsp while sound is being
> played is locked. Eg, play an mp3 with xmms. while playing, xmms and
> things like the gnome and WM mixer applets are all unresponsive. they
> respond to UI interaction maybe only every 30 seconds or longer.
> xmms with real-time priority does not suffer from this
> unresponsiveness.

This bug was reported before some time even on sourceforge, where this
driver is developed.

It happens even when running silly volume adjusting console program
( - try to strace it, it hangs
in depth of the ioctl()s called - but it happens only when you are
actually playing something also.


Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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