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SubjectRe: Are we going too fast?
> > The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 2.4.8 2001-08-11 04:13 
> > UTC Changelog
> certainly should list the 2.2 status (hey I maintain it I'm
> allowed to be biased). Its unfortunate it many ways that people are still so
> programmed to the "latest version" obsession of the proprietary world some
> times. For most people 2.4 is the right choice but for absolute stability
> why change 8)

I think that's a bit unfair. Rather, I suspect people see the word 'stable',
and assume, for some unknown reason, that the kernel is stable. *AHEM*

Seriously, though - even distributions are including 2.4 kernels now. RedHat,
Mandrake, Slackware ... Should the latest versions of these distributions be
considered unstable as well?

Perhaps it needs to be made clear to people that these kernels still aren't
all they could be.

Mike Edwards

Brainbench certified Master Linux Administrator
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