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SubjectRe: Are we going too fast?
PinkFreud wrote:

>I wasn't aware VIA nor Matrox were broken. I've seen someone else mention in
>this thread that perhaps some old HOWTOs on hardware need to be maintained
>again - I think I agree with that.

VIA comes up as a bloody thorn quite often it seems. I have a VIA 586B
system and it seems to work decently but I think I'm just lucky
considering the large number of broken VIA chipset complaints.

>Perhaps series name should be changed from 'stable' to something else -

Erm...they are called release. 2.<even> is a release kernel and 2.<odd>
is a development kernel. Some people (myself included) fight the
impression given by a lot of people of stable/unstable naming.
Typically called slashdotters...</humor>


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