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SubjectRe: Lost interrupt with HPT370
OK, I've downloaded a beta BIOS update, if that doesn't cure it I'll try
adding it to the "bad list" and let y'all know what happens.

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From: "Alan Cox" <>
To: "Kevin P. Fleming" <>
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Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 4:37 AM
Subject: Re: Lost interrupt with HPT370

> > I have just tried an HPT-366 card with IC35L040VER07 drives (latest
> > 41G ATA-100, although the card is only ATA-66) and could not get them to
> > even let me create a filesystem without hard locking the machine. This
> > using 2.4.8-ac1 and 2.4.7-ac11. I wrote this off to motherboard/IDE card
> > compatibility (or lack thereof), but could it still be an IDE driver
> Some HPT cards have problems with certain drives. I believe its a fixed
> problem in newer boards or on those with updatable firmware if you update
> the firmware itself
> Check your drive is in the bad_ata100_5 and bad_ata66_4 list. If not add
> it then rebuild and retry (drivers/ide/hpt366.c) - and let me know
> Alan

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