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SubjectRe: memory compress tech...
On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 wrote:

> another suggestion, mate
> if you are using dos before, you must know a tools call "QEMM"
> you can look over this URL if you do not know what is that
> it can do a real time memory compress and decompress tools ( I mean on fly ), the sound like IBM of MXT..
> so people can use more memory as they want
> but IBM one can not compile into kernel :(
> so I am thinking if someone can program a new code into kernel and let user to select if use it or not
> ( 8M data in RAM can compress to 4-5M, so people can free up more to use in another side )
> I hope this one would help for end user :)
> Thanks

Here's a text blurb from the page mentioned:

"Various reports from various reviews that I have seen have indicated Magnaram
[QEMM's memory compression program] doesn't help very much and in fact can
really slow down your system. In my tests I found a slight system speed
decrease and I really couldn't tell if it was helping me any or not... On my
system I have MagnaRAM turned off. Having enough physical RAM in a system
ALWAYS outperforms any other way of getting around an insufficent memory

I think he said it best. There may be uses for memory-compression technology,
but does that make the slow-down worthwhile?

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <>

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