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SubjectRe: Is there something that can be done against this ???
On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Mircea Ciocan wrote:

> OK, I realized is a hoax, I should look at the code first then cry the
> wolf is comming :), but anyhow this crap is VERY effective in
> demonstrating to a clueless IT manager that Linux is oh, sooo easy to
> break in.

Break in?

> So at least to learn something from this, is there a way to stop
> completly that crap ???

What crap? You mean, saving an attachment you got in an e-mail, stripping
out the ^Ms at the end of lines, so the script can run correctly, and then
chmod +x that script, AND THEN run that script? Oh, that crap...

> My apologies to get you disturbed.

I wasn't.

> Mircea "washing the egg on his face" C.

I think you missed some.

Two penguins were walking on an iceberg. The first penguin said to the
second, "you look like you are wearing a tuxedo." The second penguin
said, "I might be..." --David Lynch, Twin Peaks

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