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SubjectRe: IDE UDMA/ATA Suckage, or something else?
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Currently, I am running a 2.4.7-ac10 SMP debug kernel on my K7 Thunder
> > and I was hoping things would be better, and if not then at least I
> > could see something in the logs if it did crash/lock. I also compiled
> > NVidia driver with debugging enabled. Things are no better as the system
> > still locks up frequently while playing Quake 3, and I can't even start
> > Unreal Tournament without it locking and requiring a reset (SysRq,
> > logging in remotely, etc. does not work). The logs tell me nothing.
> Once you've touched the 3D stuff I dont actually care about bug reports that
> boot even after 3d unloaded. I'm simply sick of fielding Nvidia's bug
> reports.
> > What I have found is that if I disable DMA on my IBM ATA100 drive, the
> > system is quite stable (though it is slow as snot - running at a
> > ridiculous 4.5MB/sec. as compared to 35MB/sec. with UDMA33/66 enabled).
> You must disable IDE prefetch on the current versions of the AMD MP
> chipset, you may also need to enable "noapic".

Unless I can do it with the kernel, I have no choice. The BIOS has no
prefetch setting (which, BTW, I had disabled on all my A7V133 boards).
So what about problems with non MP boards?


Paul G. Allen
UNIX Admin II/Network Security
Akamai Technologies, Inc.
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