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SubjectShared library interceptor/SIGSEGV
Hi folks,

I have written a library for intercepting outgoing network connections,
and redirecting them through a proxy server.
The user had to set LD_PRELOAD to load my library, and my library
redefine the connect() function for INET sockets. It also uses
dlsym(RTLD_NEXT, "connect") to get the location of the 'real' libc

The problem is : when I run some programs (like cat, which doesn't use
connect), it causes a SIGSEGV, and strace doesn't help me more! It seems
that the segmentation fault occurs after a 'certain' number of syscalls,
but I can't figure why.

Does anybody know where could be the bug ?


Julien Laganier
Student Intern
Sun Microsystem Laboratories
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