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Subject0k shared?

This may be a stupid question, but I found this strange. In making a small
benchmarking utility, I made the following directory structure by mistake:

By ..... I mean this goes on and on, there were around 18 thousand
directories inward like this. A great example of the damage a bug in a
recursive program can do ;) Anyway, I've removed it now (btw, rm -rf on
this sigsegved :D).

And now for the question. My /proc/meminfo looks like this:

total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached:
Mem: 195678208 192753664 2924544 0 116613120 45502464
Swap: 361902080 98807808 263094272
MemTotal: 191092 kB
MemFree: 2856 kB
MemShared: 0 kB
Buffers: 113880 kB
Cached: 44436 kB
Active: 20256 kB
Inact_dirty: 136116 kB
Inact_clean: 1944 kB
Inact_target: 8 kB
HighTotal: 0 kB
HighFree: 0 kB
LowTotal: 191092 kB
LowFree: 2856 kB
SwapTotal: 353420 kB
SwapFree: 256928 kB

As you can see, there is no shared memory here. Is this something I ought
to worry about, or is it normal? I've been using the system, and since
things were lagging, I looked at 'top', and this just caught my eye.
Any reason for worry?

And if you *really* want me to, I can see if I can reproduce this, though
I'd rather not. :-)

# uname -a
Linux 2.4.3 #3 SMP Sat Jun 30 05:23:12 CEST 2001 i686 unknown

The kernel has the international kernel patch.


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