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SubjectLow latency patch for IDE (kernel 2.2.14)

Hi all,

I'm using (ok, still...) a RH 6.2 system with kernel 2.2.14, with RAID1
enabled. Under heavy disk load, the systen has a latency of up to 700
milliseconds. This harms my "almost-real-time" applications.
After I unsuccessfully tried all usual system tunings (hdparm...), and
some low-latency patches kernel too, I decided to modify the IDE
driver. The problem was due to an "interrupt burst" that keeps the CPU
busy for a while. My patch defers the IDE interrupt handling by activating
a kernel thread that actually does the job. It works...

You can find the patch (for kernel 2.2.14) here:

Note that the kernel thread has a "SCHED_FIFO" scheduling policy, and a
real-time priority of 10. So, only processes of "real-time" class and
priority greater than 10 take advantage of it. Anyway, you can simply
change the policy to "SCHED_OTHER" in function "ide_thread".
Note also that this is a quite drastic solution, that makes the disk
slower, and the CPU load greater (slightly).

Comments are appreciated.


Giuseppe Guerrini (HOME) (WORK)

P.S. Please CC to "", because I'm not subscribed
to the list. Thank you.

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