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Subject[PATCH] copy_from_high_bh

mm/highmem.c/copy_from_high_bh() blocks interrupts while copying "down"
to a bounce buffer, for writing.
This function is only ever called from create_bounce() (which cannot
be called from an interrupt context - it may block), and the kmap
'KM_BOUNCE_WRITE' is only used in copy_from_high_bh().

Therefore, the comment in copy_from_high_bh() is wrong, and the
__cli()/__sti() unnecessary.

Patch against 2.4.6 below.



diff -urN -X dontdiff linux-2.4.6/mm/highmem.c cli-2.4.6/mm/highmem.c
--- linux-2.4.6/mm/highmem.c Fri Jun 29 23:17:34 2001
+++ cli-2.4.6/mm/highmem.c Sun Jul 8 15:50:04 2001
@@ -182,20 +182,12 @@
struct page *p_from;
char *vfrom;
- unsigned long flags;

p_from = from->b_page;

- /*
- * Since this can be executed from IRQ context, reentrance
- * on the same CPU must be avoided:
- */
- __save_flags(flags);
- __cli();
vfrom = kmap_atomic(p_from, KM_BOUNCE_WRITE);
memcpy(to->b_data, vfrom + bh_offset(from), to->b_size);
kunmap_atomic(vfrom, KM_BOUNCE_WRITE);
- __restore_flags(flags);

static inline void copy_to_high_bh_irq (struct buffer_head *to,

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