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Subjecttrying again.

Hello to all.

I'm sorry if this is the wrong list to post this question to, but I
did 4 days ago, and haven't seen anything concerning my problem.

I have a Ricoh mp7120a cdrw drive. Since it is a atapi drive, i must
use ide-scsi and sg to use it with cdrecord. However there is a
strange problem with the audio cd players. After issuing a command to
stop an audio cd from playing, two play commands are required to start
the cd playing again. This doesn't happen if I use the ide-cd driver,
and point /dev/cdrom to /dev/hdc.

There is no documentation at all on ide-scsi, and I can't find any
error messages anywhere. I have the following append command in

If someone is working on this, or has any idea as to what's happening,
I would sure appreciate it. I am using kernel version 2.2.19. this
also occurred with 2.2.18. the audio cd players return no error
messages at all. when the first play command is issued after a stop
command, I just get the shell prompt back with nothing happening to
the cd-rw drive at all, until I ether open and close the drive, or
issue a second play command. If I open and close the drive between
stop and play commands, it plays the cd every time.


Rick Hayner
Member spebsqsa, Baritone Kalamazoo Mall City Chorus.
Amateur radio station wa8jqv
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