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SubjectRe: rtl8139 dhcp-autoconfiguration problem

On 2001-07-07 at 08:26:49 -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Can you try 2.4.6 please?
- sorry, but 2.4.6 doesn't work either.

<dmesg kernel="2.4.6" net="8139too">
8139too Fast Ethernet driver 0.9.18-pre4
PCI: Found IRQ 10 for device 00:09.0
eth0: RealTek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet at 0xe0800000, 00:00:21:fa:20:ce, IRQ 10
NET4: Linux TCP/IP 1.0 for NET4.0
IP Protocols: ICMP, UDP, TCP
IP: routing cache hash table of 4096 buckets, 32 Kbytes
TCP: Hash table configured (established 32768 bind 32768)
NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux NET4.0.
Root-NFS: No NFS server available, giving up.


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