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Alan Cox writes:
> I see no good way to optimise for 64bit dma on a 32bit box.

I'm actually not only talking about DAC device on 32-bit cpus. Just
as much, I'm talking about drivers for SAC-only devices even on 64-bit

I took a lot of crap from driver authors when we started pushing the
PCI dma stuff on people, because of the dma_addr_t people now had to
keep around to unmap the thing later.

To a certain extent I agreed with these folks. I'll be gutting myself
if I make everyone eat twice as much space just to add DAC support to
the kernel :-)

From yet another perspective, my proposals have also to do with what
API can actually work on all platforms. This is pretty important to
me. I remember yesteryear when I used to give myself the privilege
of being self-arch-centric in my work, a Sparc hack here, a Sparc hack
there. But I simply cannot operate this way anymore. My conscious
will no longer allow me to crap up things like that :-)

> I don't agree with Dave's desire to write another whole concoction.

It needs to be a new set of interfaces (and at that point, why not use
a different dma64_addr_t type and save overhead for SAC-only devices
while we're at it :-) because the proper inputs for a DAC mapping
involve page/off/len pairs.

Ignoring addressing limits of 32-bit cpus for a moment, consider that
this page/off/len triplet is the natural currency the kernel uses for
this kind of stuff anyways.

I think it is interesting to note that Jens noticed this immediately,
him being the first person to actually try and implement something
that would work on 32-bit platforms.

David S. Miller
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