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> Dear Kernel People,
> A friend of mine has a new PC with an ASUS CUV4X-D motherboard
> and dual 1GHZ PIII's. We have installed RedHat 7.1. The original
> RedHat SMP kernel (2.4.2) did not boot; it froze with some complaints
> about APIC. The backup single processor kernel 2.4.2 booted o.k.,
> however. The upgraded kernel from RedHat (2.4.3) also refused to boot
> properly - the boot up will start and the screen will then go blank
> before I can discern any informative messages. I also downloaded the
> latest 2.4.6 kernel which had the identical problem, and then I also
> applied the latest Alan-Cox patch for 2.4.6 which did not solve the
> problem. The 2.4.6 kernel will boot when only a single processor
> is used, however.

For several people the following works:
1) Upgrade to the latest bios
2) Change the "MPS" level in the bios. It can have 3 values "1.4" "1.1" and
"none". the default one doesn't work, one of the others does (but I
forgot which one)

Arjan van de Ven

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