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SubjectRe: [OT] Maintainers master list: new idea
Xavier Bestel said:

> I have another suggestion for the MAINTAINER list:
> Put the filenames/directories the maintainer is responsible of, perhaps
> in a hierarchical tree (X maintains usb drivers, Y maintains usb
> keyboards, Z maintains usb keyboard from such vendor).
> This should be coherent and easily parsable.
> This way, someone which has to send several patches can make a little
> script which finds the correct maintainers to send its stuff to.
> I've already been in that situation, currently it's a pain.

Wouldn't that be the same as including metadata in the files itself? The
only thing that's different in this approach is that the metadata isn't
included into the code itself, but in a seperate database.

But, maybe this isn't such a bad idea, because it is a _damn_ pain.... :)

I'm currently working on some code to make this website I was talking about,
and I'll include this as soon as it works well enough.

Marc Brekoo.

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