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SubjectRe: The SUID bit (was Re: [PATCH] more SAK stuff)
On Friday 06 July 2001 11:17, Doug McNaught wrote:
> Rob Landley <> writes:
> > Do you have a code example of how a program with euid root can change its
> > actual uid (which several programs check when they should be checking
> > euid, versions of dhcpcd before I complained about it case in point)?
> Ummm... setuid(2)?
> Works for me...

Albert Calahan cleared this up for me in email. I thought that euid 0
wouldn't let you actually setuid(0) for security reasons. (Otherwise the
distinction between the two of them seemed kind of pointless, which I must
admit I'm now officially confused about, and likely to spend an evening with
google over.)

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