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SubjectRE: Trouble Booting Linux PPC On Mac G4 2000

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Tim McDaniel wrote:

> We are having a great degree of difficulty getting Linux PPC20000
> running on a Mac G4 466 tower with 128MB of memory, One 30MB HD and one
> CR RW. This is not a NuBus based system. To the best of our knowledge we
> have followed the user manual to the tee, and even tried forcing video
> settings at the Xboot screen.
> But still, when we encounter the screen where you must chose between
> MacOS and Linux and we chose linux, the screen goes black and for all
> practical purposes the box appears to be locked. We've also tried
> editing yaboot.conf but can't seem to save the new file.
> Any help would be greatly appreatiated.

add "video=ofonly" to your boot command line. That is, at the yaboot
"boot: " prompt, type "linux video=ofonly"

If that doesn't work, try something else :)


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