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SubjectRe: BIGMEM kernel question
Ahh. That makes sense.  So how can I change the chunk size from 64k to
something higher (I assume I could set it to 128k to effectively double
that 3GB to 6GB)?

Eric Anderson

Alan Cox wrote:
> > kernel. My machine has 4GB of RAM, and 6GB of swap. It appears that I
> > can only allocate 2930 MB (using heapc_linux and other programs). What
> > do I need to do to get Linux to allow allocation of all available memory
> A non x86 based computer. Its basically impractical to map more than 3Gb of
> memory to user space per process on x86. You can use mmap and shared memory
> to do DOS EMS like tricks with gig rather than 64K sized chunks but you want
> a real 64bit processor to go further
> Alan

Eric Anderson Centaur Technology (512)
For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and
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