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    SubjectRe: Is Swapping on software RAID1 possible in linux 2.4 ?
    Peter Zaitsev wrote:
    > That's why I thought this problem is related to raid1 swapping I'm
    > using.

    Well there is the potential problem that RAID1 has that it can't avoid
    memory in some occasions, for the 2nd bufferhead. ATARAID raid0 has the
    same problem for
    now, and there is no real solution to this. You can pre-allocate a bunch
    of bufferheads,
    but under high load you will run out of those, no matter how many you

    Of course you can then wait for the "in flight" ones to become available
    again, and that is
    the best thing I've come up with so far. It would be nice if the 3
    subsystems that need such
    bufferheads now (MD RAID1, ATARAID RAID0 and the bouncebuffer(head)
    code) could share their

    Arjan van de Ven
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