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SubjectRe: GFP_NOFS broken

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> getblk called from the fs calls grow_buffers with GFP_NOFS which doesn't
> inhibit shrink_dcache_memory to re-enter the fs in prune_dcache because
> __GFP_IO is set. And it will deadlock as usual when shrink_dcache reenter
> the fs that way.

Good catch. I renamed GFP_BUFFER on purpose to make sure that nobody
relied on the old semantics, but I didn't think of the low-level __GFP_IO
one which also changed semantics.

A quick "grep" indicates that you seem to have found the only two that
were left. Thanks.

> Secondly this cleanups a bit in page_launder. If we are allowed to enter
> the FS we can certainly also do I/O.



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