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SubjectRe: VM Requirement Document - v0.0
> Remember that the first message was about a laptop. At 4:00AM there's
> no activity but the updatedb one (and the other cron jobs). Simply,
> there's no 'accessed-often' data. Moreover, I'd bet that 90% of the
> metadata touched by updatedb won't be accessed at all in the future.
> Laptop users don't do find /usr/share/terminfo/ so often.

Maybe, but I would think that most laptops get switched off at night. Then
when turned on again in the morning, anacron realizes it missed the
nightly cron jobs and then runs everything.

This really does make an incredible difference to the system. If I remove
the updatedb job from cron.daily, the machine won't touch swap all day and
runs like charm. (That's with vmware, mozilla, openoffice, all
applications that like big chunks of memory)


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