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Subject[PATCH] initial detailed VM statistics code


Well, I've started working on VM stats code for 2.4.

vmstat output:

# r b w swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id
# 0 1 1 102624 1412 120 89472 90 9114 304 9160 336 1102 12 7 92

This is the already known part..

# launder launder_w ref_inact alloc_r kswapd_w krec_w kflush_w
# 33 11 147 1260 23 328 151

First, the global statistics:

launder: nr of page_launder() calls
launder_w: nr of times page_launder() started writing out pages
ref_inac: nr of refill_inactive_scan() calls
alloc_r: number of reschedules on __alloc_pages()
kswapd_w: kswapd wakeups
krec_w: kreclaimd wakeups
kflush_w: kflushd wakeups

# Zone fshort ishort scan clean skipl skipd launder react rescue deact recfail
# DMA 0 224 3915 1500 342 1406 531 153 0 452 636
# Normal 0 0 28073 12490 2451 9295 2678 676 0 2654 947

Then the perzone statistics:

fshort: per-zone free shortage
ishort: per-zone inactive shortage
scan: number of pages scanned by page_launder
clean: number of pages cleaned by page_launder
skipl: number of locked pages skipped by page_launder
skipd: number of unlocked but dirty pages skipped by page_launder
launder: number of pages laundered by page_launder
react: number of pages reactivated by page_launder
rescue: number of pages reactivated by reclaim_page
deat: number of pages deactivated by refill_inactive_scan
recfail: number of reclaim_page failures

The code:

Patch against 2.4.6pre9:

Patch against procps from Conectiva's srpm (which is not stock procps):

And full vmstat.c so people don't need to get Conectiva's srpm:

The vmstat code is really crappy and new fields are painfull to add. If
anyone is willing to help me to write a decent vmstat, tell me.

The hacked vmstat will coredump on a non-patched kernel.

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