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SubjectRe: [PATCH] small patch to ide-tape.c
Pete Zaitcev <> wrote:
> > This patch adds a missing semicolon that is noticed only if you define
> >
> > John Guthrie
> >
> It makes me curious, why do you need to define
> I fixed some stuff with files not restoring properly
> with last block corrupt. Talking with Andre and Gadi now.
> What is your problem?

I sent out some posts earlier on this. To summarize, I have an HP Colorado
5GB IDE tape drive. I have been able to use mt to move the tape forward, find
out where the tape is positioned, rewind it, etc. I have also been able to
use tar to write to the tape drive. When I try to use tar to read from the
tape drive though, I get the following as output:

tar: /dev/ht0: Cannot read: Input/output error
tar: At beginning of tape, quitting now
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

The following also appears in dmesg output when I try to run the tar command:

ide-tape: Reached idetape_chrdev_open
ide-tape: ht0: I/O error, pc = 8, key = 5, asc = 2c, ascq = 0

Willem Riede suggested to me that I try turning IDETAPE_DEBUG_LOG_VERBOSE on
to help with debugging. That iswhen I ran into this line that as missing a

John Guthrie
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