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SubjectRE: RF driver!!
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From: Green []
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 11:56 PM
To: LinuxEmbeddedMailList; LinuxKernelMailList; MipsMailList
Subject: RF driver!!

Hi all,

I am porting a pcmcia rf driver (which worked on kernel 2.2.12)
to kernel 2.4.0 on my MIPS machine.

1. I found there are some diffenence in netdevice.h.
The structure device changed to net_device.

2. And the tbusy, start, interrupt were gone with
the use of the netif_start_queue, netif_stop_queue,
netif_wake_queue and related functions.

How do I use these functions to modify the 2.2.12 rf driver to 2.4.0 ??



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