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SubjectRe: linux-2.4.6-pre8/drivers/mtd/nand/spia.c: undefined symbols
"Adam J. Richter" wrote:
> If there is no architecture on which
> linux-2.4.6-pre8/drivers/mtd/nand/spia.c will compile in its
> "pristine" form, then the CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SPIA should be commented
> out from drivers/mtd/nand/ to avoid wasting the time of
> users and automated build processes alike that just want to build
> all available modules by default. (At the moment, this code is
> not even bracketed by CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL, although changing that
> would not be a sufficient fix.)
David has fixed this and it is in the MTD CVS now.

> Alternatively, if you will send me a one line description
> of each of those four #define parameters, I will be happy to do the grunt
> work of submiting a patch to you or whoever is appropriate to replace
> those values with module and setup parameters that default to those
> values if there are #defined and otherwise will abort initialization
> if they are not #defined and no values were provided at run time.
> (Or, better, yet, you can do this work!)
I have filled in the #define values and placed the new 'spia.c' into
the MTD CVS. I added comments for how those various values should be
defined. Shame on me for forgetting to comment those months ago. Sorry.
I believe that fixes things now?


Steven J. Hill - Embedded SW Engineer
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