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SubjectRe: 2.2.19 locks up on SMP
Hi there, 

Was there ever any resolution to this thread? I'm running a bunch of Compaq DL-360's which seem to work fine on the 2.2.19pre series. As soon as I go to 2.2.19, networking doesn't work. Machines are spec'd as follows:

2 x P3-933
Compaq RLO card
Compaq Smart2 Array Controller
2 x EtherExpress Pro onboard
2 x EtherExpress Pro PCI (the dual port server adapter from Intel)

Caveat: whenever I run `ifconfig device down` the machine locks up completely.

Willing to give any information necessary in exchange for working kernel :) Any takers? Tell me what you guys need.


Scott Nursten - Systems Administrator
Streets Online Ltd.

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