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SubjectLinux HA FC based cluster
First of all my apologies: I know linux-kernel is not the better place to
post that mail, but trust me: is a little emercency for us.

We are (sigh... very urgently) looking for any available info about
succesfully running HA clusters based on Redhat Linux 6.2 (two systems
sharing a single storage device).

Our (customer) requirement is to use Kimberlite on two HP LH6000r servers.

Based on information found at, we should evaluate
a Qlogin QLA2200 host adapter. Does someone have recent success report?

The customer owns an HP rack storage 12fc with HSSDC (copper) ports. Someone
tryied that setup? What other storage can be used?

Thanks a lot for any answer; please cc: also to me, I'm not subscribed.

Best wishes,

Gabriele Turchi

P.S.: I'm sorry, my english is alpha version...

Gabriele Turchi (Responsabile Tecnico)
Tieffe Sistemi S.r.l.
V.le Piceno 21 - 20129 Milano - Italia tel/fax +39 02 76115215

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