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SubjectRe: RFC: modules and 2.5

> A couple things that would be nice for 2.5 is
> - let MOD_INC_USE_COUNT work even when module is built into kernel, and
> - let THIS_MODULE exist and be valid even when module is built into
> kernel
> This introduces bloat into the static kernel for modules which do not
> take advantage of this, so perhaps we can make this new behavior
> conditional on CONFIG_xxx option. Individual drivers which make use of
> the behavior can do something like
> dep_tristate 'my driver' CONFIG_MYDRIVER $CONFIG_PCI
> if [ "$CONFIG_MYDRIVER" != "n" -a \
> "$CONFIG_STATIC_MODULES" != "y" ]; then
> fi

Hmmm, shouldn't it be written in CML2 if it is for 2.5 ?

For 2.4 the marked condition ( != n on a variable defined by dep_*)
probably would break xconfig. Don't suggest such solutions...

Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz
tel. (0-58) 347 14 61
Wydz.Fizyki Technicznej i Matematyki Stosowanej Politechniki Gdanskiej
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