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    SubjectRe: Stability of ReiserFS onj Kernel 2.4.x (sp. 2.4.[56]{-ac*}
    On Sun, 15 Jul 2001 wrote:

    >> I am upgrading to a new 36GB HD, and intend to split it into 3 pieces:
    >> one 7GB vfat, one ~28GB linux data (reiser or ext2), and 1GB swap.
    >> I need to know if I can trust ReiserFS, as I do believe that I do want
    >> ReiserFS.
    >Which is a good point - can ext2 handle more than 4gig partitions ? I have
    >some vague ideas that it doesn't

    Very vague indeed. ;o)

    /dev/md1 on /mnt/md1 type ext2 (rw,nosuid)

    $ df /dev/md1
    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/md1 210042576 197033208 2339736 99% /mnt/md1

    That is mission critical 210Gb ext2 over software RAID.

    >(and that it does not handle files more than 2gig long).

    pts/0 mharris@devel:~$ ls -o bigfile.dat
    -rw-rw---- 1 mharris 6634951680 Jul 16 00:37 bigfile.dat

    >I am reasonable sure that ReiserFS is better in this
    >regard though I am not certain about this either.

    That is a contradition. ;o) "Reasonably sure" and "certain" are
    pretty close in meaning IMHO. I don't see how you can be
    uncertain, but reasonably sure... ;o)

    Mike A. Harris - Linux advocate - Open Source advocate
    Opinions and viewpoints expressed are solely my own.

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