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SubjectRe: cramfs
"Trever L. Adams" <> writes:

> I hate to ask this, however here goes. I am doing some remote upgrading
> and some other really funky stuff to some boxes I keep up.
> Part of these are total system upgrades and I need to move data out of
> the way while still having a working box. I decided that cramfs may be
> the way to do this. If you can tell me no and point me to a resource on
> how to do this, I would LOVE to hear about it.
> However, the question is, how can I tell lilo to tell the kernel too
> boot off a cramfs file system? I have already created the file with
> /etc /bin /sbin /dev and /lib from a working system, doing the correct
> deletions and other such changes. I have a 15 meg cramfs that should do
> the trick.
> Thank you for any help you can offer.

You want "cramfsboot" to boot cramfs root partitions directly.
(You'll also need the cramfs patch which is part of the Midori Linux
kernel package.)

(It's a tarball.)

There are also several packages that handle upgrades of cramfs
partitions, etc.

- Dan
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